Quicksand of Binge

It’s hard not to binge in this day and age.  I particularly binge because it’s the best way to keep background noise going.  When I’m working, I’ll turn on a long running show that I’ve seen a lot.  It works well with things like The Office and Parks and Recreation and Friends.
But when I think of binge watching, I don’t think of it as this endless spiral that I get caught up in.  I think the more accurate metaphor for the binge watching that I do is quicksand.
When I start a series, I watch it all the time.  I watch it while I work.  I watch it before I go to bed.  I watch it while I write (I’m watching How I Meet Your Mother right now as I’m writing this).  I keep going and going until everything else falls away.
And then I reach the bottom.
This is how quicksand usually works.  Quicksand is a pocket of sand that is saturated with water.  For the most part, they’re not that deep.  The problem is that you’re stuck at this point.  There’s not a good way to get out unless someone comes along and helps you out.
So with binge watching, I find myself in a rut until I can move onto something else.
It’s not a terrible thing, I don’t think.  It keeps consuming media and moving forward in a way that benefits my writing as well as my mental health