Over the last week, I got further and further off track with my projects.  My goal this week is to try and get back on track.  I’m working on getting some gear to help motivate myself to keep working on this project, but that doesn’t get here until tomorrow.  Instead of saying that I want to get to the end of something, this week I’m going to focus on moving forward at all.
I’ve been trying to work on my schedule to make it more and more fitting for the process of writing and the schedule of work.  I need to make sure that everything is happening when it needs to happen.  Last week, I struggled to get blogs written ahead of time.  I wound up working on them late in the week.  That’s not necessarily bad, but I had wanted to get a little further ahead on some posts that I could write ahead of time.
Besides that, I felt like I wasn’t doing well with the schedule for my work.
So this week is about fixing everything.  Every day is about improving.  I’m even preparing for the future like when my planner runs out of pages and I need to focus on my bullet journal again.  It’s slow going, but I’m trying hard to keep up with the improvement.