Thinking Forward and Planning

When I sit down to plan, I find myself planning on many different levels.  This isn’t just about planning out what’s happening in the week, although I do try to keep those plans in order as well.  It’s a level system of planning.
I have my weekly plans.  I plan out events that are happening during the week.  Sometimes I plan out the recurring events like when I’m doing my laundry or when I’m doing other chores.
But then I have to get more specific.  Every night I sit down and plan out the general events of the next day.  This makes sure that I am aware of what I’m doing the next day.
But on top of that, I outline the time that I want to spend during the day.  This isn’t a hard and fast thing.  I outline the time I want to sleep when I would like to have my meals when I want to work, and I try to pick a time to write as well, but that doesn’t mean that that really pans out the entire time.
If I’m having a particularly hard day, I try to just make a list in the order that I want to do things.  This gives me something to do.  It breaks down some of the larger tasks into bite sized chunks.
Now the way that I strangely structure my day won’t work for many people.  It is a very likely thing that this will only work for me for another month.  When you’re trying to get your day more structured, pick and chose from other people.  Steal the way that they deal with their day.  Then see what actually works and what doesn’t work.
Just keep trying until you find something that fits you.  Don’t be afraid to try new things.