Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter.  It’s a name that almost everyone knows.  Those that know it well are those that love the series.  Recently, we reached the ten-year mark since the last book of the series came out.  Well, that got me thinking about the beginning of the series and how the book affected everything in my life.
It might seem a bit silly, but I owe my love of reading and writing to the series.  Even though both of my parents are enthusiastic readers, I’m not sure that I would have become so into reading if it wasn’t for the Harry Potter series.  Over a decade, my life revolved around Harry Potter.  If it wasn’t the books, it was the movies.  If it wasn’t the movies, it was the stories that my friends and I told each other.  Harry Potter unlocked a whole thing in our young minds.
So I took the time to return to the book.  I’ve started rereading the book, thinking about what I fell in love with.  It’s been a while since I read this book, so there are a lot of details that I’ve forgotten.  Now, even though I forgot the details, the world is just as vivid as I remember it.  That’s because the story’s details that I forgot about are actually the ones that built the story that I can recall in my head.
As an editor, I have developed a certain style.  This is unintentional and I fight it as often as possible, but I find myself looking for specific errors in writing as I work on it.  While I don’t want to start harping on a book that I love, I have found a lot of things in this book that I don’t necessarily like on a stylistic level.
However, the difference between my style and the style of J.K. Rowling and her editors is just a difference.  It’s not technically wrong in any way.  There are just little things.  This has really made me think about everything that’s going on in my own writing and the writing that I’m editing.  While the style doesn’t fit my tastes, it fits the story.  I can go through the Harry Potter series and eventually lose myself in the writing again.
The lasting nature of the story speaks to how it was written.  The technical details, the ones that the editor side of my brain gets caught on, are just little things.  A story that goes beyond the technical elements does a lot more.  This book, while not perfect, does a lot of good.  The writing is wonderful in a way that is really unique.  It’s very different from the way I write.  That’s part of what keeps me in love with the series.  These books stand out from so many other series that I have read.  But I do stand by the fact that it is not perfect.  No book is perfect.  But Harry Potter is pretty close.