How To Clean Your House

  1. Start with a room.  A single room.  Take a good hard look at it.  Think about how you want it to look.  Write it down.  Keep it in your head.
  2. Start cleaning.  Go section by section.  Focus on those areas and make sure that you go through them thoroughly before you move on.
  3. Don’t get bogged down in the memories.  You may donate items.  Don’t get choked up late at night when you think about the memories that you are throwing out.
  4. Try to remember those days.  Remember the other items that you’ve donated.  Remember all the things that you thought you forgot.  Realize that things are just things, even if giving them away leaves an ache in your chest.
  5. Look into the room, think about the hardest things that you can give away.  There’s so much there that you don’t use.  Give away the things that hurt.  If you’re not using them, then get rid of them.
  6. Abandon the minimalist point of view that you were trying to work into.   If you haven’t given away the stuff, make sure you grab the things that really matter.  The little things that connect you to those pivotal moments in your life.
  7. Get rid of the things that mean almost nothing.  Throw out the papers full of notes that mean nothing.  Don’t bother trying to decipher them. It’s not worth the time.  It’s not worth your heart.
  8. Eventually, remember that your home is in disarray.
  9. Tidy the house up.  Promise to tackle the rest of the house another day.

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