How To Write

  1. Begin by thinking.  You’ll want to think hard about all sorts of subjects.  It doesn’t matter if you love the subjects or they make you angry.  It doesn’t matter if they’re real or fake.  You’ll want to think hard and you’ll want to think often.  maybe some thoughts will come to the surface of your mind
  2. When those thoughts bubble to the surface, you will find yourself unable to contain them anymore.  You may start talking about these thoughts and ideas all the damn time.  You will likely annoy someone with these thoughts unless you have been writing since you were young.  If that is the case, then you will likely be quiet about your ideas to prevent them from bursting out of you.  Maybe there will be one or two people that you trust to talk to about this subject.
  3. Take those thoughts and anything that you have thought about when talking about the ideas and put them on paper.  Smash them into the paper and force them to try and match the format that you want.
  4. Listen to the words as you press them into the paper.  There are times that the words that you start dealing with will argue with the way that you are trying to put them on paper.  Listen to them.  Try to find a way to work with them and not against them.
  5. Edit.
  6. Edit again.
  7. Edit again and again.
  8. Listen to the thoughts and the words and everything that happened between the thought and it being on the paper.  Try to make sure that you are in the writing, but don’t be too much of yourself in the paper.  Even if you’re writing about yourself.
  9. Once you have managed to find a way to put yourself and your thoughts on the page, admire it.  Hopefully, you will have someone to share this story with.  Hopefully, you won’t keep this story in your chest for a long period of time.  Get your writing out there.  Share it with the world.
  10. Start again.

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