Pen and Paper

There was something magical that happened the first time that I remember putting pen to paper.  It wasn’t just the purpose of writing, it was something else.  It was something in the way that it felt.  The pen wasn’t great.  The paper didn’t matter.  It was the meeting.  It was the way that everything worked together.  It was like a story, even though it was just nonsense.  I’m sure that my pen met the paper before that when I was younger.  I’m sure that it was just as magical, but there was something unique about that first memory, that first true meeting.
When I learned the meaning behind symbols and started to write with purpose, pen and paper meant something more.  I wrote ridiculous and stupid stories that made little to nonsense and I tried so hard to turn these stories into something fun.  And they were.  They were the best things I ever wrote.  They didn’t mean anything to anyone, but I had fun and they were fun to put together.  The fixed nature of a pen didn’t scare me like it does now.  I was able to write without thinking.  I thought without writing.  Now it seems that the processes are too connected to split anymore.
I slowly began to fall more in love with the relationship of pen and paper.  I found different pens and different paper.  They each felt an interesting way and they each meant something cool.  I put my pens to paper.  I made designs, I wrote, I wrote, and I wrote.  Everything I did was to create.  I was a fountain of creativity, even if it was all borrowed from stories that I had heard before.
The first time that I put pen to paper with the purpose of writing, it was magical.  It wasn’t the nonsense writing that I did when I was younger where I wrote my outlandish dreams into diaries that I would eventually lose.  No, I wrote stories with beginnings, middles, and…almost never ends.  I wanted to live in the creations.  I wanted to design worlds.  Everything I did was about living a more exciting life.  Even if it wasn’t a life that I could actually live.
I’m still in love with pen and paper, with ink and paper.  There’s something about bringing a story to life, regardless if it’s published, printed or handwritten.

One thought on “Pen and Paper

  1. I love this ❤ it's like if you were speaking from my heart… you just put into words something I was failing to grasp!

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