Getting Priorities Straight

I guess I wanted to start off this week by trying to talk about what I’m doing.  I mean there’s some stuff that I can’t actually talk about so I will talk around some of that while still trying to outline how this week is really going to work for me.
Work/Life Balance
After the last week where I was working over 40 hours and didn’t get out of the house that much, I’m trying to budget in more time.  I’m trying to also use that balance to make sure that I have time for the important stuff.  While working 40 hours is great, I also need to make sure that I’m doing everything right.  I’m budgeting in time for playing things like Pathfinder with my friends and small 2 hour marathons for watching television shows.
This also includes making time and space for the writing that I want to do.  This leads into the next subject.
When it comes to the writing that I want to do, I’m trying to catch back up.  I got quite a bit behind during the month because there were a lot of days that I had to work a little bit more.  This is how I’m trying to balance my life.  I’m setting a hard end time for work that allows me to work on writing during the day before I go to bed.  If clients are asking me to do work, I have a hard end time.
After that end time, I do writing and catching up on my planner and stuff like that.  When I feel organized, I’m better able to focus on the writing.  There’s a lot that I have to try and think about, but I’m hoping that this time around everything will be a little bit better.
There are some things that I want to do like paint a little bit more and clean up my room and organize my life.  I’m trying to include them into the work/life balance that I’m setting up.  It’s a little bit hard.  I’m also trying to balance them into the breaks that I’m taking.  This way, I’m being productive, even when I’m breaking from work.
Well, those are the basic goals.  Maybe I’ll be able to get more specific as the weeks go on and I figure out how to deal with my schedule.  Of course, my schedule is always changing, so maybe it will always be a mess.

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