How To Have A Long Distance Relationship

  1. Start a relationship.
  2. You or your partner will need to move away.  There is some debate on the distance that is necessary for this.  Some will argue that if you live in the same state that is not truly long distance.  Some will argue that 45 minutes away is long distance.  Pick your definition and continue.
  3. Once far away, start finding new ways to connect with your partner.  You can use Skype, text messages, phone calls, emails, letters, messenger pigeons, coded messages, and many more.  Pick methods that work best with your relationship.
  4. If your partner is working on a boat, on a plane, or anywhere where they cannot be in regular contact, try to find a method that will work every now and then.
  5. Do your best to keep in contact with your partner.
  6. Try to repress the inevitable feelings of disconnect.  Try harder if your partner is somewhere far away for work.
  7. Fail.
  8. Have a fight/conversation about communication.  Reconcile and feel better.
  9. Continue this until things change.  Maybe you move closer.  Maybe you break up.  Regardless, follow to step 10.
  10. When things change, adapt to the schedule that you need to.
  11. Keep moving forward.

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