The Ruddy Red

When I was getting ready to start college, one of my aunts asked me about what I was going to miss when I was leaving.  After all, I was going to college in a completely different state.  When I was thinking about the question, I didn’t think that hard.  I said the first thing that popped into my head.
“The mountains.”
The answer earned me a lot of flack from the people I knew.  I’m sure that my mom was a little bit disappointed that I didn’t say my parents first.  I didn’t think about my house.  I didn’t think about my parents.  I thought about the mountains.  The reality of the situation is that I didn’t really consider those because I already knew that I would miss them.  My focus was on the unusual things that I would miss.  The mountains were the first thing on my mind.
When you grow up near mountains, it’s easy to forget about them.  Even though I was going to another state with large mountains, they weren’t the ones that I had grown up with.  And people I knew thought that I was a little bit weird.  But let me just tell you about the mountains in Colorado.
They are red.  I guess if you want to be technical, they are pinkish.  They are colorful in ways that other mountains are not.  Somehow the mountains that are gray seem so empty.  There are no extra colors to really make the landscape pop. There’s nothing that really reminds me of home.  I live near these mountains right now.  I get to see them all the time.  I have my windows open and I can look out and see those red mountains.  They’re right there.
I had thought about that while I was getting ready to leave.  Now I’m in this chair again and not able to tear my eyes away from the bits of the mountains that I can see.  I’m so excited to see them every day.  I stare at them all the time and I’m not sure that anyone around me can understand why I’m staring at them.
And I’m gearing up to leave again.  I’m going to miss them again.  I hate missing them.  I don’t want to leave the red rocks behind.  But I know that I will be happier in another state.  I know that I will be better able to deal with my life in another space.  Hopefully, things will work out better when I get to the point that I can move.
For now, I will watch the mountains out my window and admire all that they have to offer.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back here time and time again to look at those mountains.  But I’ll be able to find that red in the bricks of the place that I want to live.  It’s a connection, as small and ridiculous as it is.

One thought on “The Ruddy Red

  1. Este projeto é incrível! Você obviamente sabe como manter um leitor divertia.
    Entre sua sagacidade e seus vídeos, eu estava quase mudou-se
    para começar o meu próprio blog (bem, quase…
    HaHa!) Trabalho excelente. Eu realmente desfrutado
    que você tinha a dizer, e mais do que isso, como você apresentou.
    Legal demais!


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