Ready To Try Again

When I have tried to restart up my blogging, it always starts going down a similar path.  What happens is that I start to do what I plan to do and then eventually I get behind and I have to stop and regroup.  Whether it’s because I’m behind on creating the posts or behind on ideas to create, I always wind up behind.  In the past, I’ve thought of this as a negative.  Now, I’m trying to think of it as something a little bit less menacing.
As someone that has spent a lot of time trying to write over the years, I know that I will run out of ideas.  It’s not a terrible thing.  It just means that I need to spend some time thinking a little bit harder.  Running out of ideas pushes me to look harder into myself to find those good ideas.  Every time that I step back and try to find a new idea, I find myself finding brand new things about myself and about what I want to do.
This time, I’m going to see if I kind find a way to keep my ideas sustainable.  I’ve got several different broad categories laid out for the weekdays.  But I’m not going to release that for you.  Some of the days will become clear quite quickly, but some will be a little bit harder to guess.  But that wideness gives me space to play with topics.  It will allow me to think hard about what I’m going to do and what I want to do.
Besides the creation of blog posts, I wanted to talk about the process of preparing them.  In the past, I haven’t done a lot of editing of my work.  I’m going to try and start changing that.  I want to start writing blog posts ahead of time and giving myself at least a day to edit them before I schedule them.  For some, I will look at them over the weekend before I intend to post them.  For others, that means that I need to look at them the day before they are supposed to go live.
There is no right way to run a blog.  There is no wrong way.  I’m hoping that my process will allow me to find my way.  And even if I don’t find it tomorrow, there will be a little bit more of me in the posts that I make.
Here’s to a new era of this blog!

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