Trying Harder

I’ve been struggling with the point of this blog again. I’m not going to continue to make rambling posts when I know that there’s something that I can do. A week and a half from today, I’m going to start posting regularly again. The time period should be enough for me to realign what I want to do and how I can best present those ideas. I’ll have a schedule ready and some content already in the buffer and ready to post.
I constantly want to work harder and create better content. Hopefully, this time will allow me to get to that better content. I also know that I don’t want to just write about writing and books. I’ll talk about cool adventures I’ve been on and places that I want to go. As much as this is a place to talk about writing and freelancing, this is also my space to talk.
So I will do my best to honor anyone that reads this blog by giving them the best experience possible.


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