How Writing Is Going So Far

Despite the nature of my blog this week, I’ve been actually doing a lot of good writing. I’m just over 10k and I’m still going strong. I’m writing slightly over my goal every day, which is a good sign. I’m still managing to do all of this while doing work and upping the amount of time that I’m working.
So, I’d have to say that writing is going well. I’m working on some short stories that I wrote a little while ago with the intent of submitting them to literary magazines eventually. So I’m feeling good about all the writing that I’m doing. There are still a lot of days left to this month and I’m sure that I’ll encounter some issues later.
But I’m doing great this month and I’m feeling really confident about the stories that I’m working on. The story I’m working on right now is going to involve a lot of editing work after I’m done, but I’m kind of excited about reworking the story in the future.