Creating My Writing World

When it comes to trying to make an environment that is perfect for writing, you have to think about what you really need for your world. What people need depends on the kind of writer that they are. It’s hard to say what makes a perfect writing environment for everyone because of the fact that it’s such a unique place.

My writing world is about being comfortable. I need to be in a place where the lights are adjustable, there are plenty of pillows and blankets, and I don’t feel judged when I wear sweats from when I wake up until when I go to bed. My writing world allows me to adjustable where I’m writing at any time. I have two computers, the smaller one has basically nothing on it except for some steam games, and a fullscreen writing program. I can pick up that laptop and go anywhere to write, whether it’s in my room or in a cafe elsewhere in town. That’s perfect for me if I need to pick up and go somewhere else. It also means that I can have a computer that’s dedicated to writing.

I also make sure that I have so many different notebooks in which to lose my writing. I mean it. I write in notebooks and then set them aside and don’t rediscover parts of drafts until years later. But I like having all of those notebooks at my fingertips. It means that I have a physical place to put down my ideas. Even if that draft doesn’t stick around, the things that I worked out in that setting stick around.

The whole process of writing can be done sitting at a desk, but I have given myself options. I make sure I have coffee and I make sure that I have plenty of smaller distractions at my fingertips to let my brain decompress. My room isn’t yet my perfect world, but it’s getting closer and closer to my ideal environment. When I eventually move, I’ll get another chance to create that perfect environment.

But having that dedicated space or at least those dedicated pieces of my space for my writing means a lot. It makes sure that I can dedicate part of my time and my energy to writing.

What is your ideal writing space? What does it look like? Have you made it yet?