The Shape of Current Projects

When I started playing with watercolor again, I was in high school. I was doing it as a way to do something in an Art class. I was there doing photography most often, but I needed something that I could do during class. My teacher suggested watercolor and I loved it.

I picked up a couple books, looked at once tutorials. I have several pads of watercolor paper, tubes of watercolor paint, pallets of watercolor paint, and watercolor pencils.
I’ve been cleaning out my room for a while, working on improving my workspace. I found a pad of watercolor paper that was marked with that art class. My current pallet of watercolor is also from that period of time.

Recently, I was skeptical about art’s place in my life. I like looking at paintings. I like to see the colors blend and bleed together. I know last week that I said that watercolor and painting is something that writers need in their life. We really do need it, I truly believe it.

But I’m struggling to get art into my life. Watercolor takes a little bit of time, which means that it’s difficult to fit into a busy day. It’s getting even more difficult since my jobs are getting more numerous.

So the shape of my current projects is roughly a blob. A blob full of geometric shapes and ideas for colors. I have one small painting I did on my cork board, the colors are nice and it makes me happy and I want to chase that happy. Even though my blob hasn’t formed into the nice neat edges of a picture to put on my wall, I can still work on it. I can get a piece of paper ready and start putting down the image a line at a time. I may only fill one square a time with color, but that will still be worth it.

Watercolor doesn’t hit the top of my priority like other things in my life, but it’s still important and I will make five minutes for it every day.

There are other projects that I’m working on. I’m renewing my dedication to working on my room. I really want this room to be a place where I can work without a ton of distraction and a place where I can play without too much in my way.

I know that that image seems odd, but I know how to make that place for me. I am working on everything from my last list. I have made my planner a more colorful place. I have turned it into a place where my thoughts and lists can co-exist. I am knitting when I have a couple minutes and want to watch Netflix. I am still planning new decorations for my room. I even started by moving my manifesto from my cork board so that it can sit above my desk.

Although everything is in that little blob of thought, there is going to be time and energy to make everything in a tidy picture full of color and lines.
A little bit of effort every day can really make a project. You don’t always need to dedicate a whole day to everything. Just five minutes, I think, is enough to get somewhere.


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