How To Blog

I remember when I was younger and blogs weren’t really a thing. Facebook pages and Myspace pages were all the rage. In our own ways, we were keeping blogs about our lives when we were posting about things on websites. Blogs did exist, but it wasn’t something we really frequented. In a way, blogs were diaries about our lives. If people had blogs, then they weren’t sharing them. Even if you found someone’s blog, it wasn’t something that we talked about.

So what are blogs now?

That’s kind of a hard question. Regardless of what people actually do with blogs now, there’s still a stigma about blogs. They still retain that original idea that they’re a little bit like a diary even if they’re not actually a diary. It’s understandable. People are writing about the things that they care about and putting in their opinion. Don’t get me wrong, there are blogs that are incredible sources of information. There are people out there that really do share a lot of great information with the world on their own time. Those people should be congratulated and thanked for the things that they do. It takes a lot of work to run a blog.

So besides the bias that we have, what are blogs about? Anything. In the same way that podcasts have become a platform where anyone can talk about anything, blogs have a kind of flexibility to them that doesn’t come from a lot of other social media. And I am going to include blogs in social media. Even if I’m not always getting immediate reactions from you guys, I know that there are people out there that are reading my blog and checking out the content. In a delayed fashion, I am socially interacting with you.

For me, a blog will always exist on that line of personal and professional. I will probably always devote my blog to the strangest stuff that I am doing, even if I’m published, even if I have a family, even if I’m working as an editor like 10 hours a day. A blog is a place to talk. It’s done a lot for me in being able to get things out of my system. If there are more thoughts that I have that are more personal, then I find different ways to get them out of my system. That’s just as important as the fact that I am getting information out into the world. If serves myself and other people, then my blog is really doing a lot more than what I hoped.

Now the major question I ask is usually, “How do you blog?”

Just like there’s no one right way to live your life, there’s no one right way to blog. Hopefully, you have something to share. Hopefully, you have something to say. It doesn’t matter what those somethings are, but that you are willing to share them. Hopefully, these thoughts happen more than once a year.

There should be time put into your blog, but how much you put in is really dependent on the kind of person that you are. You don’t have to put a ton of time into it. You don’t have to think about everyone else that’s out there creating blogs. You should focus what time you can into what you want to say.

So how do you blog?

Just like you do everything else. You research as much as you want. You write as much as you want. You update when you want. Maybe you guess and hope that you’re doing everything right.


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