Currently Working On: Why Writers Should Paint

So this is gonna be weird and kind of new. I want to try to tell you guys about the things that I’m doing outside of writing. Of course, I’m still working on writing all the time, but I talk about that kind of stuff all the time, so I wanted to find something new to talk about.

I know that people often think that writer’s sit in their room with stacks of notebooks and paper with a computer open and just spend all of their time tapping away at the keyboard to try and create a masterpiece. But I don’t think that that’s really ever true. A writer is an artist and their lives are full of all the different things that they are interested. I like to play video games and read, but there are readers that want nothing more than to go hike or work in their garden or sit in a coffee shop and people watch. We all have these different ideas of what makes our life interesting and worth it.

I thoroughly believe that writers should try to tackle other kinds of creative practices. This isn’t because I want to see all sorts of stick dogs and stick people, but because I want to push people out of their typical comfort zone. I work with watercolor and colored pencil most often, and I have plans to add all sorts of other kinds of projects. These types of projects pop up everywhere from the space in which I live to the kind of creative energy that I even just put into my planner.

Getting my brain to play in new spaces is because it really allows us to return to our work refreshed. I use art not only to relax but to help reset my brain. I can’t wait for a week to revisit work that I do for clients, so an hour of working on watercolor or coloring really does help me return to my work with a different perspective.

Now I’ve rambled enough about why these projects are important. Let’s get a short look into the kind of work that I have on my plate right now.


Watercolor For Decoration – I have tons of posters from college that I want to put up, but I also want to create the things that I put on my walls. So I’ve been working on geometric designs to use watercolors with to put them up around the room. They’re all smaller works, but it takes a lot of precise work to get the geometric designs down.

Coloring Just Because – I know that adult coloring books are ridiculous. There is no way around that fact, but I’m deciding to use this coloring as a way of relaxing and also to just create interesting things to look at. I have no real plan for my coloring, but it takes a long time to put together one page of completely colored shenanigans.

Planner – Whenever I create a day spread for my planner, it turns into a creative project. The kind of standards that I have for certain pages depend on the week and the kind of ideas that I have in my heads. My spreads have changed from black and white to tons of color to minimalist design and decoration. Every page is a new way to express myself and I’m having a lot of fun playing with the kinds of colors and designs I want to include.


Knitting – I like knitting. It’s relaxing. I just don’t have the time for it right now. There are two projects I want to finish before the summer ends, but we’ll see if it really works out.

Decorating My Room – Until I finish cleaning my room, I’m not going to be able to really decorate it. I’ve got some plans for when my room is clean, including some small desk succulents.


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