Behind For Good Reasons

I woke up on Thursday and realized that I didn’t have a blog post ready to write or post today. I thought that I would tackle this problem quickly early in the day, but it turns out that I just wasn’t going to get there. I woke up late, I had to move a lot of things around today. I forgot to eat at a proper time multiple times.
Why am I so spacey and bad at life?
Because I’ve been busy.
And let’s face it. It’s better to busy and kind of spacing out some things that aren’t essential, than to have nothing going on and be hyperfocused on all the smallest details. And so I’ve been rather thankful for the busy period that I had. Of course, now I’m in a little bit of a lull, but that’s given me time to busy myself with cleaning and organizing my room.
And when I get into the cleaning, I just forget that the rest of the world exists. It’s a different kind of problem to have. But I’m happy to have things to do and stuff to get done. I’m always trying to keep up with a schedule, although that doesn’t always work out the way that I want it to.
I’m thinking about creating weekly outlines to help get on top of the stuff that needs to be done instead of just the daily pages that I work with in my planner. I’m okay with being behind on some things, like this blog, because they aren’t my work and they aren’t my passion.
Not that I dislike having a blog, but I just have other things that I want to work on. Like writing and playing Stardew Valley for a few too many hours. I have 112 hours on my computer for this game and I played like 30 hours on my partner’s computer once. That’s as much time as I spent in Skyrim. It might actually be more. I’m not checking right now because that would be silly.

But since I want to keep this blog going (even though I’m only posting a couple times a week) I’m going to start working on a new game plan for how to approach this whole big strange thing that is a blog. I have some ideas, but not all of them will happen (right away or at all).
Even though it’s all kind of in the air, I’m going to give you a quick run down on the kinds of things that I want to start posting to this blog.
Book Reviews (probably from whatever I’m reading currently)
Writing Advice (based on my current problems/experiences)
My Current Creative Projects (outside of writing)
Current Favorites
This list isn’t everything that I want, but it’s all the things that are most important to me right now. I’m probably going to tackle each of these new items one at a time, but it might be a way for me to keep up my other work and also help tell you guys about cool things.
I don’t really know what I’m doing, but when does anyone really know what they’re doing?


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