Taking Writing A Little More Seriously

And by that, I mean that I am trying to take the craft more seriously. I take my writing seriously. I am deeply invested in every single character that I have, but I’m trying to get behind spending more time working on reading and exercises instead of just throwing myself at new projects without really thinking about it. I mean, I do want to throw myself at new projects, but I really should find a way to organize myself instead of just doing it. I’ve got a schedule for what I work on what day right now, but I’m thinking that I need to find another way to organize my writing time.

Instead of focusing on the days that I’m spending working on certain projects, I’m considering just picking a project and a small goal and then reading until I manage to reach that goal. After that, I pick a new goal and go from there. Instead of hoping that I’ll get lucky with whatever I’m working on, I’ll have to find a way to really make myself focus for a little while. I do think that this will really benefit my writing. I think it’ll benefit my schedule as well, since freelancing is constantly mucking up the schedule that I am working with.

I’m also trying to do a little more reading. I gave myself the task of reading 20 books in what time remains in 2017. To some people that might sound insane. To those people, I say yes. It is especially crazy since two Ayn Rand books sit in my to-read pile by my bed. I’m not sure that I’ll reach my goal, but I feel like it’s more about the journey at this point.

So that’s my set of goals. If you really want to see what I’m reading and what I’ve read in the past along with a few thoughts, then I’ll link to my GoodReads. I make no promises that I’ll keep up with the website or that I’ll remember to update it daily. But it’ll at least be a glimpse into the random shenanigans that I get into.


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