Learning to Make My Life Compact

You’d think after three years of college, I would have learned how to condense my life into a couple bags. But that’s just not true. I have always struggled with turning my life into belongings that are easily packed and shipped. It might come with the fact that I like a lot of supplies for my journal and writing or that I just like some things because they’re cool or silly.

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to have stuff. I’m not looking for a lifestyle of minimalism. I just wish that I was better able to pack up my life and move. As I have been spending time in California, I’m realizing how hard it’s going to be to take all of my stuff back with me to Colorado again. It’s something that I thought about, but I didn’t think that hard about it. I knew that I had some space in my bags, but I wasn’t really planning on how I was going to get the new stuff back.

Some of it I could get rid of or donate or leave with my significant other. But there are even more pieces that I don’t think I could just let go of. There are little things like glue and tape that are easy, but what about the paint sets and the camera?

As I’m thinking about my departure, I’m thinking more and more about how I’m going to go about compacting my life into three bags and maybe a couple of boxes that I’m going to have to send home. It won’t be easy by any stretch, but I think that’s okay. I think it’s okay if my life isn’t easy.

We all have baggage of some kind that we bring with us everywhere we go. I always have a few too many pens and something to write on. There are people that I know that always take a book with them no matter where they’re going. I don’t think it’ll really kill me to have some stuff. If I have some things, then the spaces I occupy are filled with the pieces of my life.

With my little objects, I can turn anywhere into home. And I think that’s a great thing, even if it does make the getting from place to place a little bit more difficult.


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