Like Cats and Dogs

My significant other recently had to take their new dog to their family in another state. Because of where they will be during the summer, the dog has to get used to living out here. The dog is an interesting case study in cats and dogs getting along though.
This German Shepherd who is pretty big is now terrified of the smaller cat. This was all learned by the dog through a series of interactions that resulted with the cat whapping at the dog’s nose pretty hard. It wasn’t hard enough to leave a bad mark, but it was hard enough to scare the shit out of the dog.

While this may seem normal and typical, it only gets more amusing when you realize that this dog is in love with literally every small dog she runs across. Doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy or a chihuahua, this dog loves little dogs. I’m not sure what that really says about her, but it’s kind of interesting.

As someone that loves cats more than dogs, I’m always fascinated by the way that cats and dogs behave similarly and the ways in which they behave entirely opposite. This interaction has certainly been a lesson in how dogs express themselves. I could understand the cat’s body language this entire time, but the dog was a mystery. I got it when she was freaked out by the cat and when she was sad about not being able to be friends with the cat.

It’s an interesting event because it shows just how differently people interact and what their body language might mean. While there are some signs that go across multiple cultures, there are many more that vary from place to place. As I think about how I react to people around me, I realize that there are some things that I do that are born out of the fact that I am an only child. It’s rather interesting to see how all of this works together.

It becomes even more important in my writing because it allows me to see how people may misinterpret the things that are being said and how people are just so different from one another that sometimes they just have to ask how they’re feeling and hope that the answer is an honest one.

I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much pets can make me think about people.


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