Changing & Growing

I know that over my lifetime I have changed quite a bit. I have grown into a person that I am proud of right now. But sometimes it’s hard to see the changes happening as I am living them. There are little things I do that show off how things are changing. The way that I set up my planner pages are one of the few ways that I can really see how I’m changing. The layouts don’t just change because of how I’m setting up my life, but also depending on how I see my life. Every page is a different snapshot of a mental mood.
It’s always interesting and it’s always cool to see how everything worked in my head as little as a week ago. It’s hard to think that there’s something about me that’s constantly changing. But there really is. I can also see the difference between periods of times that I pick up and put down pieces.

There’s a constant change that I see in myself. I’m not sure if it’s just from how I grew up or who I am, but I love seeing that change.

I like taking my stories and pulling them apart, dissecting the mess that I put on the page, then turning it into a brand new version of the same story.

Writing is a great way to look into myself and see how I am changing. It isn’t even about the content that I’m writing, but about the way that I’m writing. I can see the carefree nature in my childhood writings and the questions in what I wrote in my teens. It gets so complicated and difficult when you write and the things that are put on the page are often reflective of ourselves.

Change is never a bad thing, even if it hurts. Being able to see the changes that are happening within us is something that we should cherish.


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