I don’t like talking about my insecurities. Not to myself, not to my loved ones, not to my friends, not to my teachers. Who does like saying that they feel inadequate about the things that they’re doing? It’s not a great feeling to open yourself up like that. It feels really vulnerable. For the people that can really do that on a regular basis, I can’t understand how you do what you do.

Opening yourself up to criticism and giving people the ability to look at you and say something negative about you, that’s a hard thing to do. But it’s important.

I’ve been getting better about opening about certain insecurities, such as talking to my significant other about my physical insecurities. And while I will struggle and shrug off a lot of the comments that he says, I’m getting better at looking at myself through a more positive light.

My worst insecurities are piled up on the way that I look at my future and my career and my dreams. There’s a lot of real stigma for writers and English majors out there. There are questions that I’ve been asked that I will laugh at because they’re so typical, but inside I repeat them over and over until I become more and more convinced that I will fail.

Failure and insecurities and vulnerability aren’t bad. This isn’t where a journey stops and where people fall. Giving up and closing yourself off is the real place where people fall.


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