Creativity and Sickness

While I don’t always want to think about sickness when I’m sick, I couldn’t help but think about how creativity works when I’m sick. There are stories that I have started crafting while I was deathly ill that have captured something in my heart.

There’s something about a story started in a place where logic isn’t so clear that is fascinating. The City, a story that I’m currently re-outlining again, was one such story. Years ago when I had swine flu and was out for a whole week, I wrote a first draft of the story there. It was a short story. It wasn’t well done. But there was something really fascinating about that story.

The world that I had crafted was somehow half-shown and fully formed. There were rules to that story that were written into it that I couldn’t write out. But even I was uncertain about how the world was set up, it was part of the story. It was very interesting and fascinating to me years after.

I hadn’t felt confident to tackle this story again until recently because that precarious balance was going to be something that I was going to have to help myself find again.

So working on creative projects when you’re sick will give you some interesting results. They might be good. They might be bad. I think it’s important to keep stretching my writing brain no matter how I feel. The results when I’m not sick aren’t always great either.


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