Focusing on Yourself

It’s hard as a recent graduate, as someone that doesn’t make a ton of money for me to really sit down and focus on myself in a good way. I look at myself as a machine for making money and producing content.

I try really hard to give myself plenty of time to work on things, but it gets especially hard when I get sick.

Right now, I’ve got a pretty bad head cold that’s made me really tired. It’s hard to get my brain to focus for a long period of time. Writing this blog post has been a test of my energy. The next couple of posts will be pretty hard too.

But the hardest part of focusing on myself in periods of time like this is that I can’t just focus on myself. Even if I need to spend most of the day laying down and letting my body heal, I need to be able to do things. I had to go to the store and make sure that the new pup in the house is doing okay. She’s not a puppy. But she’s a puppy in my heart.

So if you’re sick or constantly working, make sure to balance out everything that you need to do for yourself. Don’t overwork yourself and don’t freak yourself out. Just take a couple of breaths and work for yourself just a little bit.


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