Building Some Walls and Breaking Others

Minecraft is a well-known sandbox game that has very little direction and a lot of possibilities. I don’t always like playing the game, but I do find that it provides me with a good break. One of the best modes involved in Minecraft for me as a writer is the creative mode.

I’ll open a new world, set it on creative and start building things from the story that I have been working on. It can be just silly half-formed projects that I don’t really finish. It can be serious projects that I use Minecraft to help me visualize the serious areas that I am writing about.

But using Minecraft can be a way for me to not only take a break but turn that break into something productive as well. Of course, the definition of productive might vary from person to person, but I find that being able to create things in a way that’s different from writing can get my mind working again.

I use the same principle when I do watercolors or decorate my planner page. I just want something to keep my brain working. It keeps me working in a creative place even when my brain isn’t wanting to work on any writing.

At the very least, it’s a little more productive than watching YouTube videos for three hours.


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