Writing and Pathfinder

Although Pathfinder and D&D have come out of the shadows of nerd-dom and become more popular, there’s still a lot of people that give me funny looks when I admit to doing this every couple of weeks with a group of friends that live in another state.

I’ve added a whole next level of complicated to it by playing it from a distance, but only for explaining what it is to the people that ask about it.

One thing I’ve found through pathfinder is the ability to create characters and write them effectively. Since Pathfinder and D&D are labeled Role Playing Games (RPGs) it’s kind of written into the fabric of the game. The Dungeon Master (DM) doesn’t get to tell you who you are fundamentally.

That is a decision that you get to make along the way. Things will change over time. And those kinds of decisions come into play of every the largest stories that I write. Characters are going to change over time. They are going to turn into something I never expected. I have to learn to roll with the punches to really get those characters down on paper. There’s only so much that I can do to change them; it’s really their stories that change them. Remembering that is the hardest thing to do at times. I never want to try to deal with this in just editing.

Of course, changes will happen when I approach the story for editing, but I want to try and tackle the larger issues of plot and characters in that first draft. So Pathfinder has actually made me a more efficient writer. I don’t have to sit down and know everything that my character is going to do. They are going to change depending on the moment and the person in front of them.

And also, I’ve learned that letting dice decide how something is going to go is the funniest way to live your life. I’ve fucked so many games of Pathfinder up because of the way that the dice roll.


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