Surrounding Yourself With Color

When I was younger, my closet consisted of a lot of black and dark colors. I didn’t care for having tons of colors. Honestly, even now I prefer having a lot of dark clothes in my wardrobe. But now it isn’t just because the black clothes are important to me. It makes matching clothes easier, honestly. So now my choices are due to laziness rather than real aesthetic preference.

But my aesthetic has changed over the years. I like some colors and I like plaid and cute things. Not that I didn’t like these same things before, but I’m loving them even more now. I’ve made it a habit to include color in everything that I do. This isn’t just an aesthetic thing, although that does play into it.

I want to be surrounded by color because I feel like it will help me in ways that I can’t explain. I once heard from a psychologist at my school that wearing black and dark colors can actually depress you. While I don’t agree with that necessarily, I do know that if I’m looking at more colors, I feel better about the universe and myself. It doesn’t have much to do with my clothes for me because 90% of the time I forget what I’m even wearing.

But for anyone that wants to be creative and work on projects, maybe try surrounding yourself with the colors and items from your work. It’s important to keep your inspiration around you. It’ll help you really get into the story that you’re working on.

Keep moving forward, improving your life and yourself. Keep on moving forward with your projects and your work.


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