Returning To My Roots

I’ve talked about the projects that I’ve been working on and how several of them are actually old projects that I’ve been working on throughout the years. The fact that I’ve returned to old work isn’t a new fact for anyone that reads my blog. But I just wanted to say a few more things about the way that I return to my roots.

When I first tried to write OMEGA as a teen, I was just coming up with backstories for characters that I wanted to use in RP chatrooms on deviantART. I had these two characters that I loved and I just wanted to flesh them out a bit more so that I couldn’t get called out for having weird powers and shit.

So I created a whole universe for them. I actually became obsessed with the characters. I wrote every detail about them. And then after some time, I lost interest in what I was doing with them. I didn’t care so much about what they were like and how their lives had unfolded. They dropped off for a little while.

But after a few months, I came right back to them. I was interested in getting them right this time around so that I could feel like they were finished. That attempt also fell flat.
In returning to my roots, I’m trying one more time to finish telling the story of two characters that I love dearly. They have come with me through all sorts of adventures and journeys and they have changed just as much as I have over the years.

When I say that you should turn to things that you used to do, I’m usually suggesting that you turn back to old stories that grabbed your attention. I’m not telling you to go back to writing the same that you did when you were a kid. That might come naturally if you’re returning to an old story, but move the story into your newer style. Make the story new again to you by transposing it in the way that you now write. Don’t try to turn the story into exactly what it was when you were younger.

I made that mistake several times. I wanted both of the main characters to be these hulking powerful things that they were when I wrote them the first time. I was obsessed with the idea of corrupting the perfect weapon. But now I’m much more interested in the way that they corrupt themselves without any outside influence. In a way, I want to look at the way that people ruin their own chances.

This time, it’s coming together a little easier than it used to be, but I still see the little things that I loved about my old versions of them. The girl is in love with painting, and the guy is in love with her. Those concepts have evolved over the years. She still loves painting, but it’s just one part of her personality and attitude. And he’s in love with her still, but not in the way that I had originally written it.

Watching my own creations evolve over the years has been a wonderful thing and I hope that even after I finish this story, these characters still grow and expand for me and for anyone that might get the chance to read their story.


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