Being A Gaming Lady

There are tons of narratives on the Internet about being a woman and being interested in video games. There’s been an odd stigma against women in gaming, not even just as gamers but as characters. It’s always been a little bit annoying that there haven’t been tons of ladies in gaming. I found my favorite lady characters over the years. They’re fun and interesting and I love their stories.

But I’ve always been disappointed with the lack of female leads. That’s slowly getting fixed as more and more interesting people get into the field, but I remember being a little girl and talking about gaming with my friends. Some of my female friends didn’t like talking about video games, and most of my male friends loved it. I grew up thoroughly entrenched in video games.

As an only child, it was probably the most cost effective way to keep me entertained. I loved Kirby and Pokemon and Mario and Sonic. I loved really weird games like Mischief Makers and Chameleon Twist 2 (because the first Chameleon Twist is literally impossible) and Bomber Man.

There was so much that I enjoyed about video games. There were people on the Internet that thought that I was a joke. I’m sure there are still people out there that think that I’m a joke.

Being a girl interested in gaming has given me some thick skin. Any guys that have criticized me for the things that I love have been met with stubborn encyclopedic knowledge about the things I love. Any guys that have dismissed me have been met with the same apathy. Gamers that want to discredit women among them should realize that there are tons of girls that play video games.

We’re just as funny and make just as many bad jokes and cool maps. I love all gamers besides the ones that try to dismiss other because of gender or involvement.


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