The Digital Landscape

I spend a lot of time thinking about the Internet and how it’s changed over the years. While I didn’t witness the advent of the Internet, I’ve been around for much of the growing up some key websites. One in particular that has fascinated me recently is YouTube.

Video creation is a very weird thing. There’s a lot of people out there that are creating videos, but it hasn’t always been like this. There has been a flux of people creating on the Internet these days. It’s been wonderful lately, but I often find myself thinking about the people I was following at first.

Some of these people are still creating content and some of them have left. Some have drastically changed what they’re doing and some have only changed a little bit. There’s quite a range of people that I followed. Some like Hank and John Green are doing more than they were before, but are also doing some of the same stuff. There are some like Tessa Violet that have evolved over time.

I fall in and out of love with creators as time goes on just because. They move on to new projects or away from videos.
A lot of these creators have changed how they create in order to work with the platforms that they use. The whole Internet is a shifting landscape. And that’s what makes online content so interesting to me. There are so many creators now that it’s getting a little difficult to find good content, but at least there’s a ton of content out there.

When I started out on the Internet, I was mostly goofing around and playing games. Even those platforms have changed, but people are still doing the same things. They’re changing platforms and working on new kinds of games. The way that everything is changing is actually really cool.

What I’ve learned to do with the every changing Internet is to keep myself limber mentally. As long as I can adapt to the way that the Internet works at the present moment, I can keep myself working in the right direction. Everything that I’m doing can be transposed and moved in ways to fit the current Internet.

My parents and friends often tell me that eventually I’ll get stubborn and not be as adaptive, but I’m almost certain that as long as I am actively using the Internet for creation purposes, I’ll be able to keep my brain working in the right ways to keep adapting. And I don’t think I’ll be the only one to keep adapting. I think most of my generation will be able to keep up somewhat with the technologies that came around. We did grow up with everything constantly changing around us.


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