Romantic Inclinations

In the name of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be nice to talk about romance and writing. There’s a lot of romance in a lot of books nowadays. Not only are readers consuming massive amounts of romance books, but young adult books are full of romantic plots.

However, the general love of love has resulted in something quit unfortunate. In every movie, every book, every game, there’s a romantic subplot (or major plot) being pushed. It’s happened in the Avenger’s series. It’s happened in so many books and so many movies that all of my friends and I complain about the movies and books where things like that happen.

We always wish for a story about all the same things without so much of a romantic plot forced on us by the author or director. The romance can sometimes seem so forgettable or ridiculous or stupid. And those are fair points. I do believe that a lot of film companies and writers see a romantic plot as a way to get people invested in the product. It’s not always a great result, and sometimes it can kill more than just a couple of scenes. I’ve seen entire movies soured by just a couple scenes of romance that seems shoehorned in by the writers.

So why do we do it?

We love romance. A lot of us (aromantic peeps, I respect you and the fact that you’re not included in this statement) are looking for romance. It might be renewed romance in a relationship that already exists. It might be a new romance outside of a relationship that they got out of. It might be the romance of a single chance encounter. We look for romance, so we’re inclined to get involved in things that sometimes have romance in them.

But it doesn’t have to be in everything that we consume and everything we love. There are series in which, the book before the romantic subplot is introduced is the last one I finish. I don’t want the silly love stories about couples torn apart because of such and such in my urban fantasy stories. I want ass kicking and fun and excitement.

But that isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes appreciate an occasional romance. Those stories hold a special place in my heart. So today on Valentine’s Day, I hope you find something beautiful. Take the time to find something silly to read and connect with those that you love, romantically or otherwise.


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