My Childhood Books

Do you remember the things that you read when you were a child? Do you remember how fascinating they were? Maybe it’s the same kind of feeling that you had when you sat down and watched some of the classic Disney movies. I find that there’s usually a feeling of nostalgia around those moments.

I still sit down and read these books when I have time. They remind of the best times of my life and they keep me company in the way that only books can. When I take the time to look at these books, I try to compare how I feel about the book when I read it first and when I am reading it again.

With age comes changes to how you feel about books. Age changes how you interpret the words on the page. There’s a lot that has changed to me over the years. It’s been my experiences and my friends. It’s been the other books that I have read. And by using all that different knowledge, I can approach these books in a brand new light.

More often than not, I think about my childhood favorites through the lens of an English major. I want to be able to write best selling books, then I will have to turn to those books that I know have succeeded. That’s why I continue to return to my childhood books. It isn’t even out of a feeling of nostalgia; I just want to start picking them apart to see where they do well.

It’s not a terrible thing to pick apart the books that I love. There are some people I know that would hate doing such a thing. But I am not one of them.

I love dissecting pieces and thinking about how they succeeded in the world or even how they didn’t. I love books so much and I just want to try and make something worthy of the people that I am inspired by.


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