Digital Connection: Helpful or Harmful?

Every time I see writing advice on the internet, I see one piece of advice that I’m not sure I agree with. It’s usually somewhere towards the top. Disconnect. People have been telling us to get off the internet for years. It’s making us less productive. It’s not helping you in the way that you need. You need to get focused and the internet just isn’t going to be there for you.

But I have problems with this. The internet, for all its faults, is an incredibly useful tool for everyone and anyone that knows how to use it. I’ve found it to be one of my most reliable tools when I’m working on writing. With it, I can find new words and how long it would take for someone to bleed out. With it, I can make my writing a little bit more realistic instantly. There are people out there that will tell me that I need to stop looking things up while I’m in the middle of writing. Sometimes, they might be right. But more often than not, I find myself finding good answers and processing the rest of the scene and how it will differ with real facts.

I can find pictures of settings that I like and use the visual reference to help myself with the writing. I can find anything and everything to help myself. The main argument that I will hear is that I’m trying to multitask and focus on too many things at once. But that’s not true. I try very hard to separate out my writing time and my entertainment time. I don’t watch tons of youtube videos and netflix while I’m trying to write. I’m not scrolling through Facebook every time I reach the end of a page.

There’s a difference between cutting out the internet and forcing yourself not to multitask. Both can help, but I firmly believe in making time for everything that you want and need to do.


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