1.24.17 Writing Tracking

Total Word Count:



  • Blog Post
    • Just another one.  Nothing special to say.
  • Starry Eyes Outline:
    • This is where the bulk of my word count came from.  It reflected months of work.  I’m happy that I’m done with this part, but now I’ve got to decide where to go and that feels like a lot of work.
  • Exercise:
    • This was an okay one, but it turned out a bit like a journal entry.  I’m not sure that I like that.
  • Metal Wing draft:
    • Again, doing this by hand, but I had a good rhythm going today.  We’ll see where it goes.  I plan to start typing everything up after 5 handwritten pages.  But from there, I’m not sure where I’m going to go or whether I’m going to stick to handwriting or what.


I’m proud of all the work, writing and freelancing, that I got done today.  I am exhausted and it is barely 9 pm, but I am so so proud of what I have done today.


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