The Value of Presence

In this day and age, writers exist in a very strange and very amazing place. Writers are surrounded by opportunities to get their work out there with or without the help of publishers. There’s just one thing that stands between an author and becoming a well-known author at that point.

You need to have an audience that wants your book. Without an audience, publishing the book is just a shout into the void. So how do you go about creating a presence for yourself?
Well, there are some obvious ways of doing it, but for a writer, these may go against the typically less social nature that they have.

1. Find A Space

There are tons of places online for a writer to find their audience. There’s Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, and so much more. There are many platforms on which you can try and build up an audience. I cannot tell you which space to stick to or that one is actually better than the other. I would suggest that anyone looking to build up a presence try multiple platforms and find one that suits you the most.

2. Regular Content

A key to any platform is finding a way to fill it with regularly posted content. With some websites like WordPress, this is relatively easy. There’s a schedule button that you can use. For other websites, you might have to find third party programs to schedule content on a schedule. For example, can be used to schedule on many different platforms. But how you set up your content would also be up to you as long as you’re getting out content to gather an audience.

3. Reply

When you’re trying to build a connection with people, it’s important that you acknowledge them. You can put out tons of content, but you need to be connecting with the audience that you are gathering. If they start leaving comments on your work, then reach out to them. Reply to their comments and converse with them. On some platforms, your connection to your audience is more important. On Twitter, you’re going to find that it’s easier to build an audience when you’re actually replying, reposting, and liking things that people are making.

4. Be Yourself

As odd as this is, do it. When you set up your social media platform, don’t feel like all you have to talk about is writing and your books and projects. By all means, talk about those things when you want to, but also feel free to think about other things. If you really like a TV show, then live-tweet it or something. Don’t feel pressured to be a professional on these platforms. Your audience will appreciate that you don’t spend all of your time trying to convince them to buy stuff from you.

Really, having a presence is all about finding your space and filling it with cool stuff. You might have these spaces before you think about putting your writing out there on your own. And when you have a small following, just talking about what you’re doing can get a ton of people excited.


One thought on “The Value of Presence

  1. Great tips! I’ll be sure to put them to use.


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