A Rainy Day

You would think that a rainy day might make people less likely to get good things done.  It’s not as nice.  Some people feel blue on those days.  Some people just want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing at all.

But I’ve found that rainy days, gray days, generally not great days are the days that I get the most stuff done.  When my window is open and all I see is gray, I can turn to my work and get more stuff done.

When it’s a sunny day, I find myself staring out at the sky and day dreaming more.  I want to be out there and hiking or exploring the world.  I don’t want to be stuck at home.  But then again, this might just be a me thing.

I grew up in Colorado, which is sunny 80% to 90% of the time.  I was outside a lot of that time, going on adventures with friends and family.  The sunny days remind of my childhood and make me want to wander.  It’s just an itch that gets under my skin and I can’t really get rid of it.

But man, a rainy day, even just an overcast day, can change my whole mood.  I don’t get blue or down; I can just turn into my work and my writing and get everything done.  On a rainy day, the only thing getting in my way is my own laziness.  But that laziness is pretty much an eternal struggle and not due to the weather.

Maybe other writers and freelancers out there have their favored weather conditions.  Maybe some people get so much more done on sunny days because they want to get out there as soon as possible.  Maybe others just close their blinds and ignore the outside world.  Everyone works differently.  Some of us struggle working at all.


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