Taking Opportunities

One of the biggest lessons of freelancing has been about opportunities.  Once I started freelancing, I started thinking about the rest of my life and how I had approached things that I was doing.  I had all these opportunities given to me when I was younger.  I took those opportunities and did what I could with them, and now as a professional, I’m starting to realize how awesome and life-ruining that really was for me.

Now that less people are giving me opportunities to do jobs and do awesome things, I’m starting to see the opportunities more clearly.  Every time I’m approached about work, instead of laughing it off, I’m treating everything seriously.  Parties with people that do similar stuff to me are opportunities to pick someone’s mind about how they approach their work and how they network.

It’s a cliche to talk about taking opportunity like it’s something I didn’t notice before, but it isn’t something I took a whole lot of care to notice before.  Opportunities just happened and I took hold of the ones that I really wanted.

Now that I’m not being handed them, and I’m having to make my opportunities and actively search them out, I’m taking hold of everything that I can.

So my advice to the people out there that are thinking about freelancing or working in a field involving tons of writing is take all of your opportunities.  Even if they seem small and almost insignificant, they can help you in the future.  The more things you do, the more you connect, the more you find your place, the more you are known, the more you are respected.


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