The Planner and The Writer

I’m sure that you’ve heard over and over about all the people that are using planners now.  There are blogs dedicated to aesthetically pleasing planners out there.  There are blogs dedicated to aesthetically pleasing school notes, even.  It’s a thing.  It’s a thing that I so desperately love.

I have had a long-running love-hate relationship with planners.  Schools tried to shove them on me when I was young and I would try to use them, but I also always failed at using them.  That is to say, I would use them really well for a week.  Then less well for another week.  Then poorly during a third week.  Then it would be abandoned in my backpack until the end of the school year approached.

The only system that consistently worked for me during school was writing down my homework on sticky notes or in the corners of notebooks.  Somehow, that system never failed me.  I would get everything done that I needed to get done and I did everything well.  I’m pretty sure there was some adrenaline-fueled paranoia and perfectionism going on in those days, but I’m not about to start picking apart the way that I lived most of my life.  That’s a little too deep for anything I want to do right now.

But during college, I really did try to keep a planner.  And in a way, I succeeded by having about six or seven notebooks that counted as planners.  I would switch to a new one as the old one was used less and less.  I couldn’t keep track of my work on my phone because it would just drive me crazy.

So why does a planner matter to the fact that I am a writer?  I started the post off with that as the title, so there’s gotta be a connection here, right?

Well, there is one, but it has less to do with the fact that I am a writer and more to do with the fact that I am a person.  In my personal life, I struggle to keep track of everything.  This is due to a weird combination of everything that’s gone right for me and everything that’s been a stroke of luck in my life.

Learning to keep a planner and use it to track everything that I’m doing is important to making myself a much better person.  It has everything to do with making myself a more productive person that can deal with life.  And while that doesn’t have to do directly with the fact that I am a writer, I want to make my personal life and my writing life work a little bit better.

A planner will not work for everyone, but I am a firm believer in trying something and making it part of my life.  If I integrate the planner and find a way to make it a great part of my life, then I will be able to utilize it in a way that will realistically make everything better for myself.  I will find a better balance between my writing life, my personal life, and my professional life.  And I will find a better me.  It’s a lot of lofty goals, but you have to take goals one step at a time.  The first step for me is using my planner daily.  Even if it’s just writing down my to-dos and not crossing them off.  The next step will be keeping track of what I’ve done.  The step after that will be using my planner to keep track of more parts of my life, like my habits and productivity.

But I’ll take it one step at a time.


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