An Audience For You

Writing has long been something for people.  Storytelling is about spreading tales and messages to tons of people.  And writing is just about storytelling of some kind.  It doesn’t matter what kind of story and what kind of message it is.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with the message or if the message is even for you.

Writing is about the audience.  Every story, every piece has an audience.  Sometimes the audience is as simple as yourself.  Sometimes the audience is more complex and specific.  No matter what kind of audience it is, your audience informs the piece that you’re working on.

For some genres, like a manual, the audience is very clear and easy to write to.  For others, you might not know where to even begin the piece to really address the people that you’re wanting to speak to.  But that’s one of the parts of writing that I have long loved.

While my fiction stories are never as directed as the technical writing that I do for work, I know that there’s a direction that I can take my fiction writing that may help me narrow down everything that I’m doing.  Instead of aiming for a large audience, I could try to narrow my story down to a more specific genre or age group.

Not only can an audience focus and tighten an existing story, but it can also help make a more flexible writer.  If you try writing a story several different ways, then you find new ways to make the same story.  You bend the rules of the story and discover new ways to view the same universe.

An audience will make your story famous, but even if you don’t care about fame, use an audience to make your story better.  Use an audience to make you a better writer.


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