Trying to Get Myself on Track

It’s been nearly a month since I graduated.  That time has passed by in a weird blur of holidays and sickness and travel.  But for now, I’m in a place where I can work and live.  Of course, I’m not here to write about something depressing, but just about how life is.  And life after graduation has been one wild ride.  Not that I mind the craziness of it.  It’s keeping me on my toes a little bit more than I thought it was going to.

I’m actively working on freelancing and getting more clients.  It’s going as unpredictably as I thought it was going to.  It’s a little bit stressful, but I’ll be able to figure it out and get a better and more permanent solution eventually figured out.

So besides working and stressing out, I’m trying to get my writing going a little bit better.  I’ve got several things lined up to try and keep me a little bit busier.  Since I try to run a Facebook group for writers, I’ve been putting up more exercises for myself and the other writers in the group to use.  It’ll not only help motivate me, but it’ll get other people on the right track when it comes to their own work.

But other than putting up prompts, I’m also trying to get work done on two larger projects and some smaller projects.  I’m aiming to submit a piece to literary magazines at least once a month.  I’m putting down rough dates for when I want to have major parts of projects done.

My goal for 2017, for after college, is to keep working.  And putting myself in a position of having to work will keep me creative and moving forward.

I’ll be trying to update you guys on what I’m doing regularly.  Because 90% of writing is the process.


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