I am a graduate!  I have a degree!  Well sort of.  I walked across the stage and got the cover that will be for my diploma, but the diploma isn’t here yet.  In fact, I may be out of town by the time the diploma gets to my house in Colorado.

But that’s okay.  I’m done with college.  It’s a weird feeling.

It’s like a long project is finally over, but there was no side project for me to fall back on.  That’s not really true, but that’s the feeling of graduating for me.  Everyone in my family and most of my friends have been excited for me.  And I’ve been excited too!  But there’s a lot of anxiousness about the future and kind of lost feeling following me around.

However, there is hope.  I have time now to focus on my freelancing.  (Which, if you need an editor/content writer, hit me up.)  I have time to work on my writing. I have time to just be a dork and work on things that I never got around to.

Of course, I will spending most of my Christmas season unpacking and cleaning my room.  And then as soon as the new year hits, I’ll be out the door to go on some adventures and see some cool people.  There is a lot of potential for this next year and for me.  I have immense hope for 2017 and my personal growth.  I have anxiety about it too, but what’s the future without some worry?


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