A Stolen Idea

As you might know, I am an English student.  I graduate now, but I’m sure that I’ll always think of myself as a student.  For a class of mine, we have been reading Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.

There is a section in his book where he talks about taking the negative, aggressive influences in our lives and turning them into energy for creation.

Do it.  Today.  Because of the election.  Because of how your parents voted.  Because of how your children voted.  Because of how your significant other voted.

Be angry.  Make something.  The emotions you feel right now shouldn’t just be shared on Facebook and only shared when you speak out loud.

Make something with your hands, tear up paper, and glue it to other paper.

Be angry or happy or however else you feel.  But make art today.  Because we always need a little more beauty.


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