All Play and No Work

After a series of weeks where I tried to remind myself to sit down and write something (really anything) for you guys, I have begun to realize that I don’t feel like I have an awful lot to tell you.

I mean, I could take this blog confessional style and just pour out my hearts to you, but that is neither in my nature nor something that I would be able to do.  I could write out long essays about subjects that I feel passionately about, but who has the time to read that let alone write it?

So I’ve decided that I’m thinking far too hard about this.  This blog is my space to shout and be excited about things and tell you all about the weird things that I encounter in my life.


A webcomic made me cry today.  A 7-year-old webcomic made me cry.  A 7-year-old 10,002 page long webcomic that contains 874,240 words and has over 4 hours of video components webcomic made me cry today. (Although, after today’s update, some of the stats might be a li ttle bit off.)

The funniest part of this is that this webcomic has been over for a little over 5 months.  Literally explaining anything about this comic requires about three hours and copious amounts of alcohol (or coffee depending on what’s going on), but there has been something about this webcomic that has dragged me around for nearly 5 years.

Perhaps is the insanely absurd way that Hussie deals with his story and his characters.  Maybe it’s the fact that Homestuck itself acts as a discussion about the creative process. Maybe it’s the fact that it just found me at the right time and struck a chord in me that can never be unstruck.  It’s had a big impact on my life.

How big of an impact?  I dunno.  Maybe like the size of a big meteor?

Dave talking about how big things are

Anyways, I’ll write more another day.


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