The Beginning of the End

It’s quite a cliche title but it’s entirely accurate to my life.  I am finally starting my last quarter of college.  It’s quite a strange experience, actually.  Across social media, I’ve been watching my friends and acquaintances from high school start their last years, but I’m so much closer.  It fills me with a mix of excitement and worry.

While school means I’ll be busy, it also means that I’ll be doing a lot more writing.  Not only does it mean that I’ll be posting more often, but it means that I’ll be working on personal projects more often now.  I’m going to be nice and productive.  It’ll be great.

Now I’m going to stop this post here.  I’ll be figuring out a schedule to follow and probably writing 3 posts a week for a while, but we’ll see how that feels once I get into.

I wish everyone a great Wednesday.


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