World Building: The Challenges

When I started writing, I generally didn’t think that hard about the kind of world that I was making.  I would slap together all kinds of things to make a world that I liked.  I didn’t even care if other people were interested in the worlds that I was creating.  And that was fine.  I didn’t mind that when I was younger.

Now that I’m older, I’m always a little more worried about the kinds of thoughts that people have about my work.  This has turned me into a rather paranoid person when it comes to creating worlds.  I’m worried about consistency and double checking that I know the rules of my own world.

These worries aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  It means that I’m a little more aware of the fact that I’m creating a world.  I create a bible for whatever world I’m creating.  It’ll include various sections, including space for character and location descriptions.  I’ll also make a note of races and tensions.

My current story started out just as cool magic and technology world with clashes and harmony at the center of it.  Now I’m trying to make sure that the tech and magic actually works in a way that meshes.  And it’s going to go further than that to descriptions of the past and maybe of even the religions and gods that exist in the world.

Half of this nonsense doesn’t even exist in the story proper.  This is just side stuff that will make me a more informed writer.

The biggest challenge, however, when it comes to creating a world is my own imagination.  I have always prided myself on having a great imagination, but I’m not going to say that my imagination has gotten better with age.  At times, my imagination has gotten worse.  I want to see something a certain way and I make everything conform to that weird standard that I have.

But I’m trying to let things go to create rules that can flex a little and create rules that are already different than every other book that I have read.  Creating a world is the hardest part of writing.  Especially since the creation takes time and editing to really cement into the writing.  If you do too much work before hand, then you’re never going to create the world that your story needs.  You’ll have the world that you wanted.


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