Apologies Once More

As it usually goes, life got in the way of me doing more to create cool things and provide content to the internet.  My shouts into the void were silenced this time by travel and hail.

I went to go visit my long distance significant other which was great fun.  We went up to Vancouver and spent a day just wandering around and looking like dorks and such things.  Then we went back down into Washington and hung out for a week.  The plans for me to go out again were made and so I will be traveling again on the 17th of this month!

But between the first trip and the second, some terrible things happened.  Colorado is a beautiful state.  I mean, just absolutely gorgeous with cool places to explore.  But we suffer for that beauty.  The state gets terrible hail storms this time of year as part of the summer afternoon thunderstorm thing.  (Like I’m not kidding.  If it’s afternoon, then there’s probably at least rain happening.)

But the hail storm that hit the part of town where my parents and I live was much worse than before.  It tore apart the siding on one side of the house.  It even shredded the screen of a window and damaged the roof.

But it also got my car (and my nearby grandma’s car too) pretty badly.  Although none of the major windshield’s were broken, there was enough damage to total the car.  Which really means that it would cost more to replace/fix everything than the car costs.

The saddest part of this for me is that my 2005 Subaru Outback, even with it’s disgust at normal gas and not-so-great gas mileage, was a great car and still ran perfectly.  I mean it was 12 years old, but it was my car.  It was the car I learned to drive in and the car that went with me to college.

And now it’s just gone.

Although car commercials and insurance commercials like to joke about cars and how we as people grow attached to them, this one was pretty special to me.  I kept a few pieces of broken plastic and shatter glass from the sunroof, but I know that I don’t need them.  I know that my memories with that car (the bike rides, the hikes, the road trips, the adventures) are still with me.  They haven’t gone.  I’m never going to forget those days just because the car is gone, but I would have liked to had a little more time and a few more memories with it before we got rid of it.

We humans are funny things, getting upset over a metal and plastic machine that exists only to move us from one place to another.

Now it is time to move on, to dedicate time to working and writing.  I plan to write more soon about those two very things.  Until then, goodbye.


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