Aesthetics and Productivity

As someone that spends a little bit too much time on Tumblr, I find that I see a lot of certain aesthetics.  I chase after those blogs and follow them to keep seeing that aesthetic that I love.  Sometimes it’s Homestuck trash at it’s finest, and other times it’s beautifully colorful landscape and plants.  My most recent aesthetic has been something along the lines of the studyblr lines.

For all the uninitiated, the studyblr side of the website is dedicated to beautiful notebooks full of artistic handwriting.  These people track their habits and make sure that their bullet journals or their notes look like something too good to be true.

These people spend time dedicated to their journals.  And I want so badly to write just as beautifully as they do.  I want to create a bullet journal that is full of immaculate cursive writing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of handwriting.  My cursive may look impressive, but I’ve found that my print handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.

I do have a lot of the same materials that they do.  I have Muji notebooks, washi tape, moleskine journals, MILDLINER highlighter pens, Staedler fineliner pens, Micron pens, and tons of other materials.  I use a lot of them on a regular basis.  I use washi tape to put stuff all over my room and my journals all the time.  But I’m not organized or perfect in the way that those studyblr blogs are.

I cannot write perfectly all the time, although my cursive is looking better every single day.  I have a notebook for journalling, a notebook for my to-do lists (my bullet journal), and a notebook that I carry around to jot things down in (which I have dubbed my “scrap” book).  Besides these, I use on and off other sets of journals for different kinds of projects.

This works great for my brain because I don’t feel like I’m encroaching on any of the subjects.  I can mentally separate out the different journals so that I can use them for all those different things.  I don’t write down a lot of detailed thoughts in the “scrap” book.  Instead, I just leave notes for what I would put in my journal.  My bullet journal tracks my habits, but I don’t put down a lot of feelings there.  (Although, tracking my general feelings might be a really good idea.)

So, those blogs that I follow (that I want to be so badly) aren’t a realistic goal.  But that’s okay.  For anyone else that’s trying really hard to be a studyblr blog, don’t feel like you have to be.  If your handwriting is messy and you like colors that other people hate, then do that.  Be boring or a little too exciting.  Don’t be what everyone else is.  Be what you are.

For now, my notes are separated and relatively boring, if not colorful.  And that’s what they’ll be until I decide to change.


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