Another Poetry Book Suggestion

I’m having a lot of fun with poetry books lately.  That’s probably due to the number that I have had to read for my poetry class.  But this week, I have a very interesting book to suggest.

Reconnaissance by Carl Phillips is a very odd poetry book.  The poems seem to sway this way and that and not understand just what they’re getting at the entire time.  The use of punctuation and the physical shape of the poems on the page creates a sound in the poems that feels very much like a thought.

The way that this book collection stays away from typical stream of consciousness conventions is really fascinating.  There’s a lot more that can be felt in the poems if they’re read out loud instead of just staring at them on the page.  You can feel the stops and starts of thoughts and the way that a mind interrupts itself when it has a sudden thought.  It feels like spoken word, even though it’s on the page.

This books is one of the oddest that I’ve read.  I honestly didn’t understand everything that the book was getting at until about the third time reading it, but I enjoyed it.  I liked the shape of the poems and the sound of them out loud.  It’s not a book for everyone, but for those people that are into poetry, this book could definitely be a good one to try out.


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