The Difference Between Fiction and Nonfiction

Not only do nonfiction and fiction live on different sides of the bookstore, but there’s a lot of different processes that go into getting books published in either of these genres.  If you’re looking into one or another, you might want to know the differences.

A lot of people understand the process by which fiction books get published.  There’s a lot of aspiring writers out there that want to get their original worlds out into the open.  This process involves actually having a manuscript ready to go.  After creating your work, then you approach agents with a query letter (and whatever else they specify) and hope for the best.

A nonfiction book is a little different.  You approach the agent or the publisher with a book proposal that includes manuscript specifications and a plan instead of having a finished work.  Then a contract will be negotiated and you’ll be on your way to creating a book.

When you consider the difference between fiction and nonfiction, the differences make a little more sense.  When someone sits down to write a nonfiction book, they’re sitting down with the research that they need to do.  In some ways, a nonfiction book might be much more time than a fiction book.  I mean, fiction writers do sit down and research parts of the things that they want to include.  But a nonfiction book is going to be much more of that than another book.

Both genres are valuable, but if you’re looking to write a nonfiction book about a place or people, then make sure you know what to send to the agent or publisher because it looks different than a fiction book


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